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Quick Start

Fire up a generated application in minutes using mason_cli


This guide is appropriate for developers who are already comfortable with Flutter and the command line. If you're newer to Flutter, check out the Writing your first app codelab.


To bootstrap a pre-configured Flutter application for macOS with macos_ui, you can use package:mason_cli. It will generate a project according to your specifications and run flutter pub get for you.

Step 1: Install mason_cli

# 🎯 Activate from
$ dart pub global activate mason_cli
# 🍺 Or install from
$ brew tap felangel/mason
$ brew install mason

Step 2: Install the starter template

This step installs the macosui_starter application template from so that you can use it.

# Install to a particular directory
$ mason add macosui_starter
# Install globally
$ mason add -g macosui_starter

Step 3: Generate the starter app

This step is similar to running flutter create or creating a new Flutter project via your IDE.

$ mason make macosui_starter

Follow the prompts to set your preferred configuration for the app. Once the process is complete, you can open the generated app in your IDE of choice and run it.

Depending on the configuration you chose, the application should look something like this: starter_app

For more details on configuring your starter application, check out the Generating Starter Apps guide.